Friday, July 3, 2009

Luscious Blush Cheek (NEW PRODUCT)

Luscious Cheek Blush (NEW PRODUCT)
SGD $29.80
If you want the perfect cheek ~ this is your brush!

This wonderfully unique brush was designed for perfect application of Blush and Bronzer. Great for Finishing Veils and Foundation too! The head is identical to your Luscious Baby Kabuki and the handle is just the right size.
Like all our Luscious Brushes, it is crafted from THE finest and softest synthetic hairs you will ever encounter and has ZERO potential for skin irritation. This is really one incredible brush!

Crafted from the finest, softest synthetic. Measures 5"in length.

Luscious Blush Brush comes in a clear, pliable vinyl storage pouch you can use over and over again!

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