Friday, December 19, 2008

Natural Mineral Luscious Brush

Truly the best of the best!

Each of these lovely brushes is crafted from the finest, softest synthetic hairs you have ever encountered. They apply minerals beautifully and yet feel like pure silk on your skin. These are softer than the softest animal-hair brushes and - best of all - these brushes have absolutely ZERO potential for skin irritation!

They are perfect for everyone - even those with ultra sensitive skin.

Luscious KaBuki

The incredibly soft, yet compact
head applies minerals beautifully
and evenly with full coverage.
2 ¼” x 1 ¼”

Luscious Baby KaBuki
The same as your traditional size
KaBuki - just smaller and cuter!
2” x ¾”

Buki Clutch

Buki Clutch gives you a way to store and carry your precious Kabuki while keeping it safe and sound!

Your Buki Clutch:
- Is Small enough to carry in your makeup bag or purse;
- Is Large enough to hold your kabuki or your baby kabuki along with a few pots of petites!;
- Is Sturdy. The construction is solid and truly protects your kabuki - NO crushing!; New Look! SGD16.90

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